Chiara May

“Art is a common language that all of us can understand.”

I am Singer.

Je suis danseuse.

Ich bin Performerin


I am an Artist

As a young artist, I am very interested in interdisciplinary forms of expression and I truly believe that classical music needs to become a popular art form accessible to everyone.
In my performances I make space for creativity and take the freedom to play with social and artistic topics that are precious to me. I like to thematise the polarity between different forms of dance, classical singing and visual elements.

Basel, Switzerland


As a singer, I have a wide repertoire in music ranging from Baroque to Contemporary; and the most important thing to me when I sing is to create a shared experience with the audience.


Je suis danseuse

As a dancer, I have a classical and contemporary background, and I specialise in various African dance styles along with the Jamaican dance Dancehall. Most of my choreographies are a combination of all these dances, respecting the origins of each culture embedded within them. The beauty of dance for me is how it allows us to step into a world devoid of words yet filled with so much more.

Dancehall  | African dances (Traditional styles, Coupé Decalé, Ndombolo & Azonto)  | Contemporary


My Portfolio

Here you can find a short overview of my recent highlights.


IPW – École des Sables – Senegal

MAI 23

Musikpreis Kiefer Habitzel & Göhner Stiftung 

JAN 23

Cultural Exchange | Abidjan, Ivory Coast | Research Phase “Le corps c’est le corps” 

OCT 22

Interview bz Basel


My Agenda

Find out what’s next in my Agenda

26.10 | 20:00

Weit | Verba Vocalis (choir), Luigi Chiaramonte (tenor), Chiara Jarrell (soprano), Selina Matile (violoncello), Simon Vander Plaetse (theorbo), Miro Hanauer (musical director)

Gare du Nord, Basel

11.11 | 19:00 

Carmina Burana Junger Kammerchor Basel (choir), Jardena Flückiger (soprano)
Yannick Debus (Bariton), Percussion Ensemble der HfM

Stadtcasino, Basel

15.11  | 20:00

Oltner Tanztage | Choreography Selina Meier, Chiara Jarrell and Niara

Kulturzentrum Schützi, Olten

07.12  | 17:00

Streetart und Tanz gegen Psychische Gewalt | 16 Tage gegen Gewalt an Frauen

Chiara Jarrell (performer), Selina Meier (performer), Adrian Setz (graffiti artist)

Cordula Passage, Baden